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“You’re a son of a bitch, you know that? She bought her first new car and you hit her with a drunk driver. What, was that supposed to be funny? “You can’t conceive, nor can I, the appalling strangeness of the mercy of God,” says Graham Greene. I don’t know who’s ass he was kissing there ‘cause I think you’re just vindictive. What was Josh Lyman? A warning shot? That was my son. What did I ever do to yours but praise his glory and praise his name? There’s a tropical storm that’s gaining speed and power. They say we haven’t had a storm this bad since you took out that tender ship of mine in the north Atlantic last year… 68 crew. You know what a tender ship does? Fixes the other ships. Doesn’t even carry guns. Just goes around, fixes the other ships and delivers that mail. That’s all it can do. Gratias tibi ago, domine. Yes, I lied. It was a sin. I’ve committed many sins. Have I displeased you, you feckless thug? 3.8 million new jobs, that wasn’t good? Bailed out Mexico, increased foreign trade, 30 million new acres of land for conservation, put Mendoza on the bench, we’re not fighting a war, I’ve raised three children… That’s not enough to buy me out of the doghouse? Haec credam a deo pio? A deo iusto? A deo scito? Cruciatus in crucem! Tuus in terra servus nuntius fui officium perfeci. Cruciatus in crucem. Eas in crucem! [Bartlet turns away in anger. He descends to the lower sanctuary and lights a cigarette. He takes a single puff, drops the butt to the floor, and grinds it defiantly with his shoe. He looks back at the altar.] You get Hoynes!”

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President Bartlet being sweet and supportive + Sam Seaborn… It doesn’t get

more beautiful than that.

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This is fun, we’re roughin’ it. This is fun…

This is fun, we’re roughin’ it. This is fun…

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Eternal ‘what’s his name’ love <3

Eternal ‘what’s his name’ love <3

A Historic Night

  • Sam Seaborn: There are a lot of hungry people in the world, Mal, and none of them are hungry cause we went to the moon. None of them are colder and certainly none of them are dumber cause we went to the moon.
  • Mallory O'Brien: And we went to the moon. Do we really have to go to Mars?
  • Sam Seaborn: Yes.
  • Mallory O'Brien: Why?
  • Sam Seaborn: 'Cause it's next. 'Cause we came out of the cave, and we looked over the hill and we saw fire; and we crossed the ocean and we pioneered the west, and we took to the sky. The history of man is hung on a timeline of exploration and this is whats next.

:36 Glasses on eyes

:37 Takes them off

:39 Back on eyes

:40 No glasses at all

Literally dying of laughter right now at how cute of a mistake this is.